Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Unboxing & Teardown


Is iPhone 11 Pro Max stunned you? FORWARD takes you at a glance of its internal structure.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Unboxing & Teardown

Pro camera system

  • Ultra-wide Angle, equivalent to 13mm f/2.4, five chips shots.
  • Wide Angle, equivalent to 26mm f/1.8, six chips shots.
  • Long focus, equivalent to 52mm f/2.0, six chips shots.


Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Unboxing & Teardown

Front camera system

  • The front phase module also integrates infrared camera, dot matrix projector and combines with floodlight sensor to form the original depth-sensing system to realize face ID, animated expression and portrait mode of front camera.
  • The front camera is upgraded to 1200W pixels and supports 4K video recording.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Unboxing & Teardown


  • The motherboard of iPhone 11 Pro Max is super mini, it is still a double-layer motherboard with the overlapping package, and the A13 Bionic is packaged in the mainboard inner layer.
  • Through multiple focal heads, with the super performance of A13 to simulate optical zoom lens, the actual shooting experience and photo samples, the effect is super good.



  • iPhone11 Pro Max uses a brand new naming method, Pro stands for professional and extreme performance.
  • From dismantling, we can see the internal layout and workmanship of iPhone 11 Pro Max, it is still Pro!

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