Apple watch screen repair tutorial 2: Remove all the remaining glue from the iwatch screen


The second step is to remove the residual glue on the LCD with manual separation, glue cleanser and a remove glue device. For this step, you have to clean up the LCD after you remove the glue.

Apple watch screen repair series tutorial remove glue

In fact, before this step, we used the Universal iWatch Separating Mold and cutting machine to take the glass off the screen.

Tutorial 1: How to separate the glass of iWatch from the screen

This is tutorial 2, which shows you remove all the remaining glue from the iWatch screen. This is a series of videos of the apple watch screen repair. If necessary, please click on the link to see the next step.

Tutorial 3: Put OCA on the glass

Tutorial 4: LCD glass lamination

Tutorial 5: After eliminating the bubble, assemble the watch perfectly!

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