How To Repair iWatch Screen Easier? ( 5 Steps with detailed explanation)


In this video, Cora is going to introduce you a 2019 latest mold and 2020 lamination machine for repairing apple watch screen.

Many people feel a headache when they repair iWatch( apple watch). Because its structure leads to big difficulties for many repairman. We spend a long time to study this issue.

Now we develope one universal apple watch mold, it can help separate all iWatch models. So let's get a quick look at the simple introduction first.

First, we use the universal apple watch mold and intelligent cutting machine to separate the screen. This step makes separating easier.

Second, after separating iWatch screen, here we need to remove the residual glue from Apple watch screen.

Third, we put OCA one the iWatch glass. In this step, we get universal OCA mold to help.

Fourth, LCD and glass lamination. In this part, please put much attention when aligning the LCD to the iWatch glass.

Finally, eliminating the bubble, and assemble the watch perfectly. We use the CEO lamination machine, convenient and easy-using.

Welcome to leave your comments and ideas, also you can contact me if you have any questions.

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