iPhone Xs and Xs Max Glass Replace with CEO-2+ OCA Laminating Machine


For iPhone Xs and Xs Max, removing bezel is easy to damage the screen before OCA Lamination. This is a big problem for repair broken iPhone. After several tests, FORWARD overcome this problem and willing to share how to the tutorial of glass replaced. For details, please check our video - iPhone Xs and Xs Max Glass Replace.

In this video, we will show how to separate iPhone Xs Max and how to laminate Xs and Xs Max at the same time.

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Why use CEO-2+ all-powerful oca lamination machine

1. Four pressure adjusters (three laminating pressures + one bubble pressure), one-time setting, use repeatedly, simple and efficient.
2. Independent metal physical buttons outside the touch screen, one key start (E-stop), work efficiency increased exponentially.
3. Four separate display gauges (three laminating pressures + one bubble pressure), the information is clear at a glance.
4. Equipped with a 100cm diameter powerful cylinder, the laminating bubbles are smaller, the effect is more perfect.
5. The large external vacuum pump can be connected, only 30s for vacuum
6. Make hard things simple, only four steel bars to fix the position, the operation is more simpler.
7. 15 inches large working area which can laminate iPad Pro. It also can laminate 6 screens at the same time.
8. All model screens, flat & edge screens supported.
9. Laminate in-frame supported.

We are the manufacturer of the machine from Guangzhou, China.

We provide the oca lamination machine, bubble removal machine, flex cable bonding machine, freezer separator, laser separating machine, hot air gun soldering iron, iWatch mold, consumable, mobile accessories, tools and so on…

We provide all the free training.

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