OCA Lamination Machine —— One Mold Can Do All Models And iWatch


Here is a newly universal laminating mold coming out. Maybe you would surprise at its powerful function that it can help you to improve the speed of the lamination. Why do we say that? As you know, you have to be very careful when you laminate the OCA to the phone front glass or laminate the front touch glass to the LCD as it is very easy for you to calibrate the position incorrectly. However, if you get FORWARD’s universal laminating mold, you can avoid this problem and save your repair time. There are some benefits of using this mold, like:

1. No need to tear off the protective film of a new OCA when you bond it to the front glass of cellphones so that you can move the OCA to any place optionally until you align the best position.

2. One set of universal laminating mold can laminate all models of edge screens or flat screens. It can help you to save the cost.

3. It’s very easy for you to use it, no matter you are a beginner or a veteran.

4. It can turn of the speed when you do the OCA lamination or LCD lamination together with laminating machine.

5. You can get a perfect effect after the bonding process. Maybe no any bubble on the cellphones’ screen.

You will think that it is very worth for you to get one and you will be very satisfied for its powerful function.

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