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Package Includes

Basic Package: 1×Machine, 1×Magic mat, 6×In-frame mat, 1×Edge basic Mold, 1×Flat basic Mold.

Package A: 1×Machine, 1×Magic mat, 6×In-frame mat, 1×Edge basic Mold, 1×Flat basic Mold,1×All in one motor (compressor+pump).

Package B: 1×Machine, 1×Magic mat, 6×In-frame mat, 1×Edge basic Mold, 1×Flat basic Mold,1×Powerful Vacuum Pump, 5×Edge mold.

Package C: 1×Machine, 1×Magic mat, 6×In-frame mat, 1×Edge basic Mold, 1×Flat basic Mold,1×Powerful vacuum pump, Black Compressor, 5×Edge mold.

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Global First New RMB-3 Plus All-Mighty OCA Laminating Machine:

1. The global first new all-in-one machine, you can deform it at any time as you need. It is not only an all-in-one machine, but also a split type machine. 
There’re two ways to use this machine: 
a. Using way of all-in-one machine: connecting all-in-one motor which is a combination of vacuum pump and air compressor. The machine looks like an all-in-one machine after you combine the host and the all-in-one motor. This is a standard power version.
If you don’t like the combination of the all-in-one motor and the host, the motor can separate with the host, directly put it on the ground to connect the host to use.
b. Using way of split-type machine: the host is connected with the independent vacuum pump and air compressor. It’s full power, high efficiency and the service life would be longer.

2. The machine has been set up the appropriate pressure values of each laminating mode and bubble removing mode before delivery. So when you use it, you don’t need to adjust the pressures of each mode, one key to start, then laminating and removing bubbles directly.

3. Equipped with corresponding independent pressure adjusters and pressure gauges for Edge LCD, Flat LCD and OCA laminating modes and bubble removing mode. You can adjust the pressure values of each mode as your actual need. The operation is easier and more intuitive.

4. The working area can laminate flat screens and edge screens of various phone models, the maximum of lamination is 10.5 inches screen.

5. Has 100mm large cylinder, the maximum pressure can reach 6.8kgs/cm².

6. The diameter of bubble remover is 240mm, it’s larger. It can debubble larger screens and put more screens in it for bubble removing one time.

7. Separate physical laminating start buttons and bubble removing button, one button to start, save time and effort.
Notes: For the previous RMB-1, RMB-2, you should find out the laminating mode or bubble removing mode which you need through the UI operation interface, and then press the start button. There are many steps to do.

8. greatly improve the safety factor. Press it once a month to protect the accessories inside the machine so the service life can be longer.

9. Smart touch screen. Easy and simple to use the operation interface. The parameters of vacuum, laminating and bubble removing are in a glance.

10. The bubble remover has a separate safety door. High safety factor, zero risk operation.

11. Thick Balance Guide Rails and Pressure Plates ensure the smooth and safe laminating process, the bonding success rate can reach 100%.

12. Equipped with a water outfall. It can drain regularly so that the using life of the machine and its accessories can be longer.

13. The internal lines and gas lines you can see very clearly inside the machine. When you need after-sales service, it is very convenient to repair any accessories.

14. There is a heating device on the laminating press plate. It can heat the press plate directly to soften the OCA so that it can make a great effect for the lamination. (In winter, it’s better there is a heat on the press plate.)

15. The power of all-in-one motor is 750W.

Product Basic Parameters

Product Name: RMB-3 Plus All-Mighty OCA Laminating Machine
Power: 1200W
Voltage: 110/220V
Max Working Space Dimension:
10.5 inches
Net Weight: 49.5kg
Gross Weight: 60kg
Package Dimension: 600×420×460MM



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