Latest machine CEO on the market is in hot sale.

Recently, dense crowds of people gathering at the FORWARD office in the Nanfang Building.


What happened to them?


In order to figure out the results, we interview the people in the office.


Why do you come here?


What is unique about this CEO machine?


Our engineer Aamir is doing live talk about the CEO machine.



For this iteration, Aamir made a professional explanation from three aspects.


The most exceptional performance is in-frame laminating.


Special mat tailor-made for all types of screens(edge screen, flat screen, ipad), instead of using extra mold and splitting up the frame. Fewer operations , more security. It is your low cost solution. 


l  If you happen to meet the very broken screen, it is acceptable to use any brand’s mold to laminate.


l  Meanwhile, CEO has largest workbench can laminate 6 screens or ipad at a time. Larger workbench can help you make more profit.


l  Thirdly, CEO set off a revolution in the reform of the base. Only need small sticks to replace the heavy base. These small sticks make you easy to taken.


This machine embodies FORWARD's purpose: Let the world have no hard-to-repair mobile phones.


At the scene, customers are placing orders actively.


The customers kept asking new questions about the CEO machine, and the engineers answered each one patiently. Our team’s purpose is to let your doubts go away.


Finally, the most exciting moment is the welfare of time


When you send this picture to our sales staff, you can enjoy discounted rights.


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2018/10/28 21:13