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CEO-1+ OCA Lamination Machine
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Free Shipping Newest CEO-1+ OCA Lamination Machine

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CEO-1+ Oca laminating machine Package

Basic Package: 1×Machine, 1×Universal Mold, 1×Magic Mat, 2×Rubber Ring, 6×In Frame Mat.

Package A: 1×Machine, 1×Universal Mold, 1×Magic Mat, 2×Rubber Ring, 6×In Frame Mat, 5 x Edge Molds.

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CEO-1+ Oca laminating machine Features

Newest CEO-1+ OCA Lamination Machine Features:

1. Three pressure adjusters (double laminating pressures + bubble pressure), one-time setting, use repeatedly, simple and efficient.
2. Independent metal physical buttons, one key start (E-stop), work efficiency increased exponentially.
3. Equipped with 100mm diameter powerful large cylinder, the laminating bubbles are smaller, the effect is more perfect.
4. Make hard things simple, only use four steel bars to fix the position, the operation is simpler.


CEO-1+ Oca laminating machine Video



CEO-1+ Oca laminating machine Parameters

Product Name: Newest CEO-1+ OCA Lamination Machine
Power: 1200W
Voltage: 110/220V
Product Weight: 55.2kg
Product Size: 460×450×360MM
Package Weight: 66kg
Package Size: 530×530×490MM



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Basic Package, Package A


CEO-1+, CEO-1+ & 5 Edge Molds