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FORWARD 852+ Hot Air Gun & Soldering Iron Combination

Forward Lab
June 21, 2022

FORWARD 852+ Hot Air Gun & Soldering Iron Combination

1) LED double digital display, hot air gun uses electromagnetic diaphragm type of air pump, high wind speed and pressure
2) The hot air gun heats up rapidly
3) The hot air gun has strong wind, out of air is soft and well-distributed, ultra-quiet, no damage to components
4) Metal magnetic induction dormancy holder, automatic warm-up and down, auto sleep when the temperature is lower than 70℃
5) The iron heater is adopted A grade A1321 heater, fast heat conduction and keep long life service
6) Using single-chip PID temperature control technology, temperature sensing circuit (4 wires for heating core) is adopted to control temperature, temperature control precision, full-wave period heating, heating speed, high thermal energy density
7) Air gun handle is made of high temperature resistant and flame retardant environmental protection materials, non-slip design
8) Lead-free soldering tip, the tin effect is good
9) Antistatic design
10) Special iron holder, equipped with high-temperature cleaning sponge

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