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Increase Zero+ Screen Protector Cutting Machine’s Profit — “F Shopkeepers”, “Exclusive Style” customization – Creative Head Portrait+Pattern&Sticker

Forward Lab
August 25, 2022

Hey friends, nice to meet you again!

In the last video, I used our exclusive app “F Shopkeepers” to demonstrate how to customize the phone case skin in “Classic Style”, including 3D embossed patterns and various textures patterns.
So what should we know today? Yes, “Exclusive Mode” phone case skin customization!

In addition to a skinnable blank phone case, today we also need a “blank skin” on which custom patterns of various styles will be printed; and a printer, a normal color top-feed printer will do.

There are also 3 different styles here: Head Portrait customization, text customization, and pattern customization. They are all great ways to express personality and attitude.
Among them, “pattern customization” is more common, and customers can upload a photo in the gallery.
Did you think that was it? We’re not that common, we’ve prepared beautiful stickers for you.

Let’s take a look at the more interesting “Head Portrait customization”, I need to invite our CEO Amir to help me show it. welcome! (Aamir demonstrates an avatar customization)

Customized features: 1. Short usage time 2. Embossed touch 3. Waterproof and scratch-resistant

Well, 2 exclusive customized phone cases are completed. Isn’t it nice!
Tomorrow’s “text customization” will be even cooler! Follow us, bye!

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