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Remove The iPhone XR Frame In A Safely And Quickly Way – Use The Blue Light Laser Separation Machine

Forward Lab
June 18, 2022

How do you take the frame off an XR iPhone? Anyone have any tips on removing the iPhone XR frame?
Maybe you can try these methods: use vacuum plate and hot solder iron, heat and pliers, or use frame remover. Here’s a safe and quick way to do it – Use blue light laser separating machine, laser separator.

The operations in this video are only applicable to the laser machine drawings which are updated after May 23, 2020, or later.

00:00 Brief Introduction
00:19 iPhone XR Frame Blue Laser
03:58 Remove iPhone XR Frame with Manual Vacuum Separator
06:08 Separate iPhone XR Front Glass
10:20 Laminating and Bubble Removing

On April 16, 2020, we once have posted a video on YouTube which is about using a laser machine to disassemble the iPhone XR frame (Now this video has been removed).

Due to the improvement of the blue light laser separation machine and the optimization of the laser machine drawings, the operation details have been changed, so we made this new video.

The main change between the new video and the old video are:
1.The new video uses the latest laser machine drawings.
2.The new video uses LCD laser mode, which is no need to adjust the power and speed anymore, and the operation is easier.

It is strongly recommended that you update the laser machine drawing to the latest. The latest drawings have added more mobile phone models, and the operation is more convenient.

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