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The Whole Process From Front/Back Film Cutting to Sticking With Screen Protector Cutting Machine

Forward Lab
June 18, 2022

Is your phone in your pocket and the screen is scratched? How to protect your phone screen? Can you customize the pattern of the back cover of the phone? How to get a new look for your phone? Put a high-quality mobile phone screen protector on your mobile phone, and put a nice rear film on the back cover of your cellphone. The #FORWARD zero universal screen film cutting machine can meet your needs. Now use this screen protector plotter to create a custom film for your phone.

00:00 Cutting The Front Film Automatically For OPPO
01:17 Sticking HD Film to Cellphone Screen
02:55 Perfect Effect, No Bubbles No Scratches
03:00 Cutting The Back Film For OPPO
05:26 Perfect Effect, Successful Makeup Change

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