Laser Separating Machine —— iPhone XS/XS MAX Back Glass Removing


Laser Separating Machine for iPhone XS/XS MAX Back Glass Removing

For iPhone XS/XS MAX, they build on the all-screen design of iPhone X and feature the sharpest displays with the highest pixel density of any Apple device. They offered in 5.8 inches and 6.5 inches sizes, these Super Retina displays with a custom OLED design support Dolby Vision and HDR10 and have iOS system-wide color management for the best color accuracy in the industry. iPhone XS MAX is the largest display ever in an iPhone in a footprint similar to iPhone 8 Plus. It looks gorgeous, but it is easy to damage as both front and back cover are glass. As you know, glass is very easy to shattering, scratching and other light damage over time. You’d better not drop your iPhone XS MAX. If it’s broken, you would be very surprised that the most expensive smartphones in the market also cost the most to repair.

broken iPhone XS/XS Max back glass

However, believe it or not, breaking the glass on the iPhone XS MAX can do more damage to your wallet. Fixing a broken screen can be an expensive business, costing you $329 to fix a broken screen. As for broken rear glass, that doesn't count toward the broken screen, but toward a $599 "other damage charge" (according to apple's repair pricing page).

apple repair price

The back cover glass is fragile, and it’s really hard to repair. The back cover of iPhone XS MAX is stuck with glue and tiny soldering materials, which means that it is unlikely that there will be a simple way to remove and replace it in a short time.

Good luck! The back cover of the iPhone XS/ iPhone XS MAX can be separated. We can tear them down with a heating device or a freezing separating machine. They are a cost-effective and efficient way. Today we would like to recommend you a Laser Separating Machine which has surprised the market with powerful features. It can detach mid-frame/bezel/back glass of more than 300 cellphone models, including iPhone XS/XS MAX in a safe and fast way. Is that worth it? Let’s watch the iPhone XS MAX back glass separation with the Laser Separating Machine video to get to know more about the machine.

Warning: please wear protective glasses and gloves during the operation.

The machine is suitable for smartphones with narrow left and right frame space or glass back cover. Including iPhone, Huawei, MI and OPPO’s mid-frame/bezel/back glass of more than 300 smartphone models.

Firstly, we put the cellphone without disassemble on the focusing area and run the black wheel. It can test focal length automatically. Meanwhile the blue light will sparkle once focusing the best distance.

test focal length automatically

After that, we put the phone on the location mold which has a unique patented technology. It can calibrate the center automatically and it is fast and accurate. The error is less than 0.002mm.

put the phone on the location mold

The next part is using the computer and find the drawing of iPhone XS once we fix the position.

Then we click “Mark” to start the laser separation. Here the machine will laser two times to separate the back glass.

Start the iPhone Xs back glass separating program

After the laser work is done, we can remove the iPhone XS back glass with a blade, a pry piece and pliers successfully in a short time.

iPhone XS/XS Max back glass separating successfully

Here no need to change the location mold when you need to repair another cellphone as the mold is universal and you can place different sizes cellphone on it. It’s applicable for flat screens and edge screens.

We just take iPhone XS and XS Max as an example in our video to show how laser separator works. Here is our test result, please see in below.

laser separating machine advantages and disadvantages

As we all know, everything has two sides. From the above table, we can see clearly the advantages and disadvantages of laser separating machine. Would you select this machine to do your broken back glass separation? Welcome to leave your comment below.

Thanks for reading.

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