Rethink Blue Light Laser Separation Machine - Package A - Free Shipping
Package A Includes Blue Laser Machine Package: 1×Laser Head, 1×Focal Length Rod, 15×Laser Positioning Plate, 1×Laser Location Bracket, 1×Glasses, 1×1cm Aluminum Foil, 1×3cm Aluminum Foil, 1×Drawing USB Flash Disk, 1×Power Cord, 1×Tool Set. A1 Air Purifier Package: 1×Blue Cover, 1×1M Grey Hose, 1×2M Grey Hose, 1×Activated Carbon Filter, 6×Screws....
$1,858.00 $1,511.00
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Latest 17 inches LCD&OLED Electrical Frozen Separator
There is a machine which is helpful to separate the glass or mid-frame of the mobile phones’ screens under the low temperature. It’s fast and no damage to the screens. That’s a Frozen Separator machine. Here we would like to introduce...
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