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2023 Brazil Eletrolar Show & Latin American Electronics

On July 10, 2023, the Forward brand exhibited a variety of its products at the 16th Eletrolar Show & Latin American Electronics 2023 (hereinafter referred to as the São Paulo Consumer Electronics Fair) in Brazil, which was jointly organized by Global Sources and Grupo Eletrolar, a renowned B2B platform in Latin America, attracting a lot of attention and positive comments from the visitors on the spot..

Review of the exhibition highlights

The exhibition, with more than 200 booths, is expected to attract 29,000 professional buyers to visit the show, which features the most cutting-edge and trendy electronic products from Latin America and the world.

Forward is an automation technology brand with 10 years of experience in the cell phone accessory and tool industry, dedicated to providing customers with efficient, convenient and safe solutions. Forward exhibited its Motherboard Repair Tools, Mobile Phone Back Cover Glass Repair Equipment, Mobile Phone Case Custom Solution, and 0 Stock Of Applying Screen Protector products at this year's CES in Sao Paulo. and 0 Stock Of Applying Screen Protector.

We mainly display the following machines at the exhibition site:

Motherboard Repair Tools

Microscope + Hot Air Gun + Soldering Iron

Mobile Phone Back Cover Glass Repair Equipment

Blue Light Laser Separation Machine + Air Purifier

Mobile Phone Case Custom Solution

3D Sublimation Phone Case + 3D Sublimation Vacuum Machine

0 Stock Of Applying Screen Protector

Screen Protector Cutting Machine + Screen Protector Film

It attracted a large number of visitors, who showed great interest and curiosity in Forward brand products.
Among them,3D sublimation vacuum machine products are the hottest, most many viewers have personally experienced the site customized 3D Sublimation Phone Case, and gave high evaluation and praise.

The Forward brand also conducted in-depth exchanges and negotiations with a number of local distributors and partners, and reached a number of cooperation intentions.

By exhibiting at the Consumer Electronics Show in Sao Paulo, the Forward brand not only demonstrated its technical strength and innovation ability, but also expanded its influence and popularity in the South American market, laying a solid foundation for future development.
The Forward brand will continue to move forward and innovate to provide customers with more and better smartphone accessories and tools products!