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Why The Blue Light Laser Separation Machine is Your Better Choice? Here are 4 points for you

Forward Lab
June 18, 2022

We are the inventor of the Blue Light Laser Separation Machine.
Time will tell, and maybe others will learn the advantages of our blue laser separator in the future and produce a blue laser separator.
We are very pleased to have made a contribution to the field of mobile phone repair.

We also produced fiber laser machines before. So we clearly know the advantages and disadvantages of traditional fiber lasers. According to the actual needs in the field of mobile phone repair and the characteristics of fiber laser machines, we have invested a huge cost to create a blue laser machine. Blue lasers have many advantages that traditional fiber lasers do not. Know more, please contact us.

Blue light laser machine product page:

1. Dust does not get into the phone or into the camera during the process.
If you have ever used an old laser machine, you would know that use it to laser second time, lots of dust is flying around. And it will increase the odds that the dust gets into the phone and into the camera when you use it.

2. The glass is shattered, easier to separate.
There are many cracks in the back glass after using a blue light laser machine. It makes the glass more fragile and easier to remove. However the old laser machine just can remove the coating under the back glass in the first work finished, the glass does not change. It will be more difficult to separate than using the blue light laser machine.

3. One time to do all the work, free your hands.
When you use the blue light laser machine, you just need to put the broken back glass into the working area, and then choose the drawing and press the start button. No need to stop it during the process. You can use this spare time flexibly to do other repair jobs. However, the process of the old laser machine is divided into three sections. The first time is to separate the back cover, the second time is to remove the glue and the third time is to remove the glue again.

4. It is more safe and convenient to remove the glue.
And the dust does not get into the phone and into the camera during the process.
(1) Two ways to laminate a new back glass: One is to keep the original glue on the frame and it can limit the height. The new cover’s height will be more fit with the original height and perfect to connect with the frame height. We recommend this new way.
(2) The other is if you want to use the old method, you can adjust the power higher. Using the alcohol to clean it up after the laser.

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