Hello, everybody! Welcome to FORWARD MACHINE FACTORY VLOG. As all we know, not just one way to separate the broken smartphones. There are many other useful and practical methods that you can do that.

From this video, you can see FORWARD’s newly laser separation machine. May you are curious about the functions of that machine, so we are very willing to show you how to separate iPhone 7 mid-frame by using this machine in a short time in this video.

There are some main features of this Laser Marking Machine for your reference, please see in below:

1. Unique patented technology: automatic centering calibration structure. Convenient to align the position, it is fast and accurate. The error is no more than 0.002mm.

2. 20W powerful laser head, full energy and high efficiency.

3. Massive accurate drawings, more than 300 phone model drawings can be chosen.

Test focal length with intelligent ranging system. Time-saving and feel relieved, no scales needed. (Intelligent ranging)

Enjoy your watching! If you have any questions about this laser separation machine, welcome you to leave your comments in below or contact with us directly for further information.

Thanks for coming.